energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Climate change, caused by global warming, is a problem that affects us all.  William Wilson are committed to supplying a wide range of renewable technology heating products.  These include ground source heat pumps, air to air heat pumps, solar thermal and unvented hot water products, solar photo-voltaic panels, underfloor heating and Gasflue Saver.

What are renewable products?
Renewable products harness carbon free sustainable energy.  Sustainable energy (i.e. solar, wind, and geothermal) are energy sources that cannot be depleted and are self-replenishing.  Renewable technology reduces the impact greenhouse gases have on our environment and, due to high efficiency, can also save money.

Renewable advice
Key members of our staff are extensively trained in new heating technologies and energy awareness.  Whatever the technology and whatever your requirements we can provide the right solution for you.

System integrations and compatibility
Want to Go Green without having to replace an entire heating system?  Many of the technologies are compatible with existing systems.  William Wilson can help customers through the decision making process about which technology is the right choice for you.

Renewable designs
William Wilson have invested in fully training their heating design engineers in new heating technologies and energy awareness.  Whatever the technology and whatever the consumer requirements William Wilson can provide the right solution.   William Wilson’s fully trained heating design engineers have the expertise to design and supply any of the renewable energy systems currently available in the marketplace, and we can incorporate underfloor heating into most of our designs.

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